Needing is one thing,
And getting, getting’s another.

Now, you may not know the name Blaine Anderson yet, but you will soon when it’s lit up all over Broadway.


There’s Modesty and there’s Darren Modesty



'People always make me look better in drawings than I do in real life.'

'I have a pop voice I would never do musical'

He wrote ‘Street Musician’ on his Visa and was locked in a cell for three hours because of it. *face palm*

Me: thanks for coming to London
Darren: No No it’s My pleasure

He wrote ‘Street Musician’ on his Visa and was locked in a cell for three hours because of it.

about the blogger



name: rachel
birthday: may 23rd
zodiac: gemini (i’m such a gemini tbh)
single or taken: single 
height: 5’4 1/2” (what they told me recently at the doctor idk)
eye color: brown
middle name: elaine (it’s a family middle name and I love it)
favorite color: purple, blue, green
lucky number: i’ve always been partial to 23 because my birthday but also 5 too which is my birth month in number form but that’s not why I like it per se idk i’m weird


hogwarts house: ravenclaw all the way

favorite fictional character: don’t i’m too weak

favorite television show: glee, breaking bad, portlandia, bob’s burgers, arrested development, downtown abbey and more I can’t choose I suck 

favorite season: fall or winter

describe yourself in a few words: driven, verbose, passionate, bookish, stubborn, curious

future children’s names: i’ve never been one to have an idea of potential names so idk but I’m pretty sure I do want kids someday 

meaning of your name: the hebrew meaning is “ewe” but in the context of my life my parents just named me that because they liked the name and I looked like a rachel

what do you plan to/do for a living: lolololololol idk man i’m starting college in a month?? uh hopefully something in the theatre industry like directing and/or writing and/or being a dramaturge I also love history so being a museum curator would be cool I also dig radio journalism so being like a female ira glass would be rad or being a producer for a network or something I just wanna be a part of a storytelling process in some way shape or form

starbucks order:  (iced) chai tea latte or peppermint mocha or (iced) caramel macchiato or (iced) vanilla macchiato or a berry hibiscus refresher it depends on my mood and the season


introvert or extrovert
dawn or dusk
righty or lefty
coffee or tea or both
rain or shine
reading or writing


calling me “thirsty” isn’t even an insult it’s a known fact

Don't you want the way I feel?
Don't you want the way I feel?
Don't you want the way I feel for you?