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5.20 Extended Summary + Credits


OVERVIEW: Glee - 05 - Untitled Rachel Berry Project, The (13-May-2014)


AIR DATE:  13-May-2014 (T) 

RUNNING TIME:  60 Minutes 

CONCEPT:  A quirky Hollywood screenwriter begins to work on ideas for a series based on Rachel’s life, but her hip vision for the script leaves Rachel and the gang feeling nonplussed. On the verge of spending several months apart, Mercedes and Sam make a decision about their relationship. As Blaine prepares to perform in his showcase, he is faced with a tough decision.

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“We’re done [shooting Glee] at the end of next week so we’re just finishing up the last few episodes right now. Of the season.” — Kevin McHale (Glee Star Kevin McHale Talks about the Show’s End & Unveils His Dream Guest Star)


Starkid Solos - 1/?
I’m Just a Sidekick


Let’s talk about why All of Me is perfect for Klaine, shall we?

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